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Progressive Ideology & Public Safety: Wexton is proud of her Restorative Justice legislation, see in in action

Deception: Wexton Voted for “Strong Focus on Cybersecurity”, Notorious Russian Hacker Released

Progressive Ideology, Deception and Corruption: Biden and Stalin say the SAME thing about votes

March 28, 2022: Wexton brags about state of economy

Progressive Ideology: Wexton Misinformation Task Force

Progressive Ideology: Wexton Banks and Guns

Progressive Ideology: Wexton says she, and others just like her make a difference in your daily life

Progressive Ideology: Wexton and all Dems vote for HR2116, an Anti-Hair Discrimination Bill

Jennifer Wexton Is In A Really Tough Spot

Progressive Ideology: New World Order Admission By Biden and Wexton’s Policies Support This

LC Board of Supervisor Chair Jennifer Wexton & Phyllis Randal Endorse Buta Biberaj

Wexton Proud of Her “Restorative Justice” Bill in VA, Brought to US Congress