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Wexton & The Radical Trans Agenda

VA Overwatch is NOT transphobic, homophobic, and we respect all individual choices.  However, the radical Trans and LGBTQ movement is not about acceptance, it’s only about forcing others to embrace their lifestyle or be persecuted, labeled, and cancelled.

This gender war is targeting all kids and elements of our society.  The “President” of the United States has even gone as far as saying that “Trans people were made in the image of God”, and schools teaching elementary aged kids that genders do not exist.  

The intent of this page is to demonstrate how Jennifer Wexton’s Trans/LGBTQ policies translate into real world examples of how society is being overrun by an ideology that is destroying our kids, education, and America as we know it.  You can also find a variety of news articles that provide further insight and evidence of what this ideology looks like in action.

The “Bathroom Bill” would have prevented transgender students from utilizing the bathroom of their choice and/or of the gender they identified with

Loudoun County Male Teen Convicted of Rape in Girls’ Bathroom

Supporting the goals and ideals of International Transgender Day of Visibility

Biden administration endorses transgender youth sex-change operations, 'top surgery,' hormone therapy

AN ACT To prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes.  Additionally, securing access to public accommodations—including  establishments that provide entertainment

Disney entertainment president wants half of future characters to be LGBTQIA or racial minorities

To improve Federal population surveys by requiring the collection of voluntary, self-disclosed information on sexual orientation and gender identity in certain surveys, and for other purposes.

3rd grade lesson on gender raises questions at Copenhagen school

Trans Agenda In The News