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Wexton is apparently a sitting member of congress. She writes legislation, reads bills, passes and rejects bills. She clearly knows how to read, or so we thought. Perhaps policies in Florida are written in a language that Wexton is incapable of understanding. She continues to refer to FL HB-1557 as the “Don’t say gay” bill, even though it does NOT contain the word gay in it. Florida’s HB-1557 would require (for grades K-3):

This is NOT unreasonable, except to grooming advocates like Wexton. Florida’s bill disappoints Wexton for a variety of reasons, but one is because it would prohibit the reading of her favorite kids book “And Tango Makes Three”. This book is about two gay male penguins that are trying to have a kid together. Why is Wexton so determined to have our schools taken over by the alphabet soup mafia? Why can’t kids just be kids WITHOUT all of the sexualized garbage being rammed down their throats in the classroom? I thought we were concerned about learning history but apparently, Wexton believes books about gay seafowl will prepare them better for life.

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