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Candidate Reality Assessment

The VA Overwatch Candidate Realistic Assessment (CRA) framework helps us to measure a Progressive candidate’s behaviors that influence their policies, which impacts the sovereignty of our communities and state. We do this by collecting and consolidating information on Progressive candidates including but not limited to: social media, legislation, donor, money, voting records, associations, etc. We then funnel all this information into multiple categories; Progressive Ideology, Corruption, and Deception.

Use the CRA Framework to help with your Interactive Quest (IQ) submissions!

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Interviews, MSM

Legislation, Voting Record, Sponsored Bills, Newsletters

Influences, Associations, Donors, Donations, Money 

Hypocrisy, Lies, Promises, Disdain

Progressive Ideology (extremism) now represents the largest threat to American freedom that we have ever seen in our history.  Corruption and Deception are the obvious immoralities Americans should be exposing to prevent the Guilty from ever holding positions of power in Local, State, and Federal Government.  Examples of Progressive Ideology, Corruption, and Deception:

  • Historic and present promotion of “Defund the Police” and Black Lives Matter
  • Anti-biological women “trans” agenda 
  • Promotion of tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT) or denial of its existence 
  • Pro-Climate Change,”Green Energy” Policy
  • Support for Open Borders (in any capacity)
  • Promotion of OR silence of sexualized content in children’s education.
  • Close partnerships with biased or anti-American Special Interest Groups
  • Associations with or participation in unethical practices (now or historically)
  • Ties to corporate and/or anti-freedom lobbying
  • Excessive / irresponsible nepotism
  • Supporting racism disguised as “anti-racism” 
  • Hypocrisy (“rules for thee but not for me”
  • Lies
  • Incompetence
  • Pork barreling
  • Broken promises about votes
  • Deflective rhetoric

VA Overwatch

We use our CRA methodology to bring We The People informative and targeted Progressive candidate websites such as: (live) (live) (live) (live) (under construction) (under construction) (under construction)

Wait until you see what we have lined up for 2023!

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